Allstate Home Insurance Scams

Couple Says Allstate Low-Balled Them On Sandy Insurance

Allstate Home Insurance Scams

Posted by Breault Albaric on Friday, 15 November, 2019 11:11:43

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Published: August 2018. It's an insurance scam that's prevalent in the United Kingdom and emerging in the U.S.: People pose as insurance agents to sell cheap, fraudulent policies to consumers who think they're obtaining legitimate coverage from a licensed insurer, according to

Insurance scams come in many forms and some are easier to detect than others. From auto warranty to home improvement, common scams include: Intentionally destroying property, then tricking the insurance company into thinking it was an accident. Faking an injury to collect disability, workers' compensation or personal injury insurance.

Allstate Helps Fight Fraud. To help prevent insurance fraud from increasing your premiums, Allstate partners with law enforcement and regulatory agencies to help fight fraud every day. You can also explore Allstate resources that can help you identify and report insurance fraud crimes. Learn how Allstate helps fight fraud

This page will help keep you informed on the latest insurance-related information and consumer alerts. Phishing Scam "Allstate celebrating 20th anniversary"- Jun 2018. It has come to our attention that Allstate's brand is being misused in a scam referring to Allstate celebrating their 20th anniversary.

Allstate agents are small business owners who live and work in your community. But, scammers called "ghost brokers" may pose as Allstate agents to sell bogus insurance policies. This is a type of insurance fraud that can put you and your finances at risk.