Home Decor Using Houseplants

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Home Decor Using Houseplants

Posted by Bruyere Andree on Sunday, 29 March, 2020 13:47:41

Not all homeowners, decorators and stagers use phyto design for decorating or home staging. Green plants, particularly indoor flowering plants, need to be taken care of. With some basic tips and thoughtful selection of proper plants for your house, kitchen decorating with house plants is fun.

There are any number of fun and creative ways to bring plants into the different areas of your home. The best ways combine the aesthetic beauty of the greenery and/or flowers with the functionality of the plant in ways that allow the plant to not only contribute to the look of the space but also be of some use — like having lavender plants in a home office to help chase stress away.

People have been growing houseplants for centuries for a simple reason: they are beautiful. Or at least they can be, providing you follow a few simple rules for enriching your living space with greenery. Some of these rules are aesthetic, including matching your plants with your décor and lifestyle.

26 Best Indoor Plants for Your Home; These plants are sure to be the centerpiece to your home or office decor. These plants clean indoor air and remove formaldehyde. Dwarf azaleas can tolerate a wide range of temperatures — from near freezing to 90 degrees F.

An Easy Home Decor DIY Using Air Plants Air plants, like all houseplants, improve your living space. Here's a Tillandsia DIY art piece you can create within minutes. All you need is the plant, a basket, moss & wire. Tillandsias, also known as Air Plants, are wacky and wonderful houseplants. This is a plant you don't have to worry about transplanting ever again.

Indoor plants are extremely versatile and can be used in numerous different ways to enhance and refresh and room's décor and ambiance. And because there are so many varieties of plants, he possibilities are endless. Use them to add color to a room, to create a refreshing and relaxing mood, to purify the air or simply as accent features.