Home Design As Per Vastu Shastra

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Home Design As Per Vastu Shastra

Posted by Brunette Amou on Friday, 27 March, 2020 19:07:57

Vastu Tips for House Design #1: Plot: Try and buy a plot that is rectangular or a regular shape, this helps in avoiding wastage and creates a good design & brings harmony. East, West & North Facing Plots are preferred as they provide us with a Good Entrance and helps in following certain Vastu Principles.

Home; Astrology; Vastu Shastra; Vastu Shastra. Vastu Shastra is a traditional concept in Hindu system of architecture, which literally translates to "science of architecture." It is an ancient Indian science developed thousands of years ago by Indian sages.

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Many people believe that Vastu Shastra only pertains to the design and construction aspects of a property. However, the truth is that it is as much applicable to the interior décor of homes. Even if your home is constructed as per Vastu norms, but you have ignored Vastu for interiors, then, it could create imbalance in the overall Vastu of

In fact, as per vastu shastra, a South facing house can really be very auspicious, if and only if, it follows very certain vastu principles & guidelines. However, if a South facing house isn't as per vastu rules, then it tends to become the most inauspicious house that you can ever have.

Vastu for Home = Locate rooms and parts as per vastu + do vastu for each room and part of home Since you now know where to locate each room/part within a home, you have completed the part before "+" of the equation, all you now need to do is to complete the remaining part of the equation and THAT'S IT!!!