Home Insurance If You Own A Dog

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Home Insurance If You Own A Dog

Posted by Bouton Adalene on Tuesday, 24 March, 2020 12:04:53

Once you understand your options, you'll be prepared to choose the right homeowners insurance plan for your home and your pet. Even the best behaved pets can get into trouble from time to time. With the right insurance policy, you can rest easy knowing you have a plan in place should the unexpected happen to you.

Some insurers, such as State Farm, will make coverage decisions based on a dog's individual behavior. These companies may be more inclined to insure your home if you can demonstrate your pit bull

If the answer is "Yes," then chances are you own a bully breed dog. The trouble is that this (unjustified) prejudice runs more than fur deep and could cost you money. Many cities and states have a legal requirement for dog owners to have liability insurance for their pet.

As the dog owner you have "assumptive liability," which means if your dog causes harm to someone or something you are 100% responsible and must cover the damages. Are dog owners covered for any incidents or damages their dog may cause? Including dogs in your homeowners insurance is possible and important because of the risk that dogs pose.

While insurance is a must for anyone wanting to own their own house, many home owners face higher premiums, inferior policies, or even blacklisting by insurance agencies -- simply because they own a dog. Homeowner's insurance doesn't just protect against natural disasters, theft and other mishaps.

some dog breeds are more susceptible to biting people, which would mean that your home insurance would have to pay. never tell your home insurance what type of dog you have. we have a german shepherd and told them it was a mixed breed from shelter. if you have one of the (bad) breeds your home insurance could go up quite a bit, or the insurance company might not give you a policy at all.