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Indonesia earthquake: Tsunami warning issued after quake

Home Insurance Tsunami

Posted by Brissett Amabella on Friday, 24 January, 2020 12:25:26

Learn more about tsunami risks and prepare your family to act quickly should a tsunami occur. How Volcano Damage is Covered on Your Insurance. A home inventory can expedite insurance claims process after theft, damage, or loss.

If a tsunami damages or destroys your home, it'll probably do so through flooding. That's bad news if all you have is standard homeowners or renters insurance. Those policies won't cover flood damage.

Many insurance companies refuse to write a homeowner's policy on a home that is near the ocean. The policy normally excludes loss which results from flood, surface water, waves, tidal water, overflow of a body of water or spray, whether driven by wind or not. It is not the intent of most companies to cover damage arising from a Tsunami.

Homeowners insurance often does not cover damage from floods, landslides, earthquakes, hurricanes, expansive soils, subsidence, groundwater and more. It is often little more than fire and limited liability coverage.

What Does Tsunami Flood Insurance Cover? Flood insurance can provide coverage for structural damage to your home, damages to appliances normally kept in basements, and damages to personal property kept in above-ground floors of your home. It will also cover damage from storm surges that occur during a hurricane or tsunami.

Home Insurance comparison. Choosing the best Home Insurance for you depends on what you're trying to cover. If you just need to take care of your contents - for example, if you're renting - consider Contents Insurance. If you need homeowners insurance, consider Building Insurance, or combined Home and Contents.