Home Insurance Wood Stoves

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Home Insurance Wood Stoves

Posted by Brice Alixandra on Wednesday, 15 January, 2020 08:24:11

Well, I have had American Family home owners insurance for over 40 years. Last summer an agent came and inspected my home and shop, saw that I had a wood burning stove in my shop, well, I received a letter that I have to remove my wood stove or they will not insure me anymore when the premium is due.

Home heating safety tips. While wood stoves and pellet stoves operate differently, there are a few things you can do to stay safe no matter which heat source you're using. Call a professional. If you're thinking of installing a new wood or pellet stove, bring in a certified professional.

I had more trouble gettin home owners insurance because of the 25 bee hives in the front and back yard and the 22 antique tractors I own than the wood burner. Stupid agent even asked what i would do if a 5 year old wandered on my posted property and got stung.

Wood stoves offer an affordable and cozy way to heat your home. Woodstoves can add traditional rustic appeal to any home. Millions of Americans still heat their home primarily with wood. However, installing a wood stove in your home may alert your insurance company as it adds certain risks for your house and health.

A wood-burning stove may bring warmth but it puts your home insurance at risk - you should have it professionally installed and regularly inspected.

Wood stove owners: Have your fire department, building inspector, stove retailer or chimney sweep ensure your stove meets WETT (Wood Energy Technology Transfer) safety guidelines. If you're installing a new stove, place it well away from walls, furniture, curtains and other combustible material, and make sure it has proper clearance, a floor